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Since early 2013, Google’s PageRank tool seemed to be on a downward spiral. The data is no longer being funneled through the Google toolbar on a daily basis, and there haven’t been any PageRank updates recently. There are rumors that PageRank may not ever be updated again, and this means webmasters and marketers will no longer be able to view that data – the data that was an integral component to SEO and link building practices.

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If you’re in business for yourself, then you’re likely painfully aware of the importance of social media in your marketing strategy. “You need a Twitter account!” “Are you on Facebook?” “Connect with me on LinkedIn!”


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A couple of weeks ago, I visited one of the Internet Marketing/Small Business forums that I’m a member of, and noticed a new member had posted a typical newbie question in the SEO forum. The member wanted to know how she could be guaranteed to get her website on the first page of Google. As usual, members came crawling out of the woodwork with advice – including members who didn’t even own a website.

Unfortunately, that’s pretty typical on Internet Marketing/Small Business forums… members who don’t own a website instructing other …


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Do you want to know how your website compares to the big players in your industry? Do you want to learn how to compéte with these sites? This month, SEO analysis provider has published a list of the websites with the most backlinks in November 2011.

Comparing the backlinks of these websites with your backlinks can help you to improve the position of your website. The necessary three steps are explained below.
Backlinks are the cornerstone of successful search engine optimization. The more high quality backlinks a web page has, the …

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The recent Facebook changes are game changing. For most this is scary; for us (and hopefully for you, too) it’s exciting! Facebook has managed to make our everyday activities even more social and has created a way for us to share our lives via a virtual scrapbook. This tool lets you feature all your old and new Facebook memories with integrated ways to express yourself through different “lifestyle apps.” Luckily for you, we read every article, and we watched the entire 1-hour, 40-minute f8 presentation, so we are here to …