Homeschool Curriculum Comparison

Homeschool Curriculum Comparison with addreses and phone numbers.
You may print this page for your reference, of homeschool curriculum..
4 Subjects = Bible, Math, English, Science
The info in the below chart is not guaranteed accurate and or exact:

  Textbook Number of Booklets per subject Topic Studies Number of Pages approx. 4 subbjects Color / Activities /
Multi Grade
approx. Price Range for 4 subjects
Bob Jones
BJU Press Customer Service
Greenville, SC 29614
*     1520 C 116- 360
A Becka Book Inc.
P.O. Box 19100
Pensecola, FL 32523
*     1200 C 80 - 180
Christian Light Publications CLP
Christian Light Publications
1050 Mt. Clinton Pike
Harrisonburg, VA 22803

  *   2240 (Illustrations) 128 - 200
Accelerated Christian Education ACE
one place to buy
Basic Christian Education
7511 Palenstien Union City Rd.
Greenville, OH 45331
  *   1776 C 140- 184
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega Publications
804N Second Ave E
Rock Rapids, IA 51246
  *   1240 C 176 - 208
Rod and Staff
Rod and Staff Publishers Inc.
P.O. Box 3
Hwy. 172
Crocket, KY 41413
*     1600 (Black and White Illustrations Good Qualty Teaching) 60 - 132
My Fathers World     *   C and M for 4 subjects 300
Alpha Omega Publications
804N Second Ave E
Rock Rapids, IA 51246
    *   A and M for 4 subjects
135 - 175
+ additional books
Konos Inc.
5441 CR 424
Anna, TX 75409
    *   A and M for 3 subjects 110
+ additional books
Mott Media
Mott Media L.L.C.
1130 Fenway Circle
Fenton, MI 48430
*         for 3 subjects. 55
Christian Cottage
3560 W. Dawson Rd
Sedalia, CO 80135
    *   A and M for 3 subjects. 79.95

Five in a Row
P.O. Box 707
Grandview, MO 64030

    *   A and M 180
K-12 Homeschool Internet       C for all subjects 270
Switched on Schoolhouse Software       C 300

if two prices then:
1st price student books only
2nd price may include teacher additions and/or answer keys and/or etc.

Note: All or most of the above curriculums have activities in science.
CLP Social Studies Textbooks got color. I recomend CLP Social Studies Textbooks.

My Social Studies Recomendation:
Get them interested in the world by multi age level continent studies. And "Operation World" so they learn from a young age a missionary heart, as they pray for the world.
Hands of a Child
Window on the World
and Operation World
and these peoples Phrase Guides use these to study a popular language of the continent.

for U.S. history Use textbook "North America is the Lords":

Exodus Books - Educational Materials, New and Used Books, Family-Friendly Literature, and More!

Exodus Books - Educational Materials, New and Used Books, Family-Friendly Literature, and More!

You can give your child a highschool diploma:

Choose your own homeschool curriculum under these schools. $70 per yr. does not include curriculum. Pick your own curriculum. $325 for family to school under, not including curiculum. Pick your own curriculum.

Bible Study

Egermeier's Bible Story Book - Exodus Books

Egermeier's Bible Story Book

Balancing the Sword Bible Study Set - Exodus Books

Balancing the Sword Bible Study Set
Bible story books:
Pillers of History Swiss Valley Christian Bookstore, 1511 Shaffer Dr., Lorrain, OH 44053 1-440-941-1008
The Old Testament and The New Testament activity packs:

Don't Forget Bible Memory

You can take test and recieve College Credit for it.

Learn about it at: Their is free courses here to study:
A.C.E. has christian college courses you can buy:http://www.aceministries.comClick on Store on there site.
or you can buy A.C.E. from herehttp://www.basicchristianeducation.comClick on Sitmap near bottom of page.
This is a college that accepts testing:

Listen to the Bible at 3:00: Find your station:

Free Bible Study worksheets:

Other Interesting stuff:


Dover Coloring Books - Exodus Books

Dover Coloring Books


Nonresistance: Have You considered these verses?

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Bible Timeline

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