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03 XII 2008
Lirycs to My Life My Way and Kings Never Die.

11 IX 2005
New Interviev with Billy maded by Bela Nagy.

5 IV 2005
Tales From The Hard Side video in Downloads section.

13 III 2005
3-rd part of 100% Ass Kickin' Live bootleg.

8 I 2005
Next part of  Dr.Music Festival - Black And White And Red All Over video in Downloads.

07 XI 2004
 Hold My Own video (feat. Terror) from Hellfest 2003  in downloads.

04 XI 2004
 Chamber Spins Three video from Dr.Music Festival i Downloads.

19 X 2004
 We have launched english message BIO board. Register
HERE and discuss about Biohazard and not only.

10 X 2004
 Next part of 100% Ass Kickin' Live bootleg.

27 IX 2004
 New interview with Billy.

02 IX 2004
 Next part of Dr.Music Festival and second version of Authority video.

11 VIII 2004
 New audio bootleg - 100% Ass Kickin' Live in Downloads.

07 VIII 2004
 First album covers update in Dicography section and new fan photo in Gallery.

20 VII 2004
 How It Is (Remix) video in Downloads.

13 VII 2004
 New section added - Videography.

26 VI 2004
 Tales From The Hard Side - 5-th part of Dr.Music Festival in Downloads.

21 VI 2004
 Last part of Lisbona bootleg.

09 VI 2004
 After Forever video in Downloads.

01 V 2004
 Next parts of Dr.Music Fest. and Lisbona bootleg.

04 IV 2004
 Panic Attack video in Downloads.

19 III 2004
 Next song from Dr.Music Fest. - Modern Democracy, video Bloodsuckers and next part of Lisbona bootleg.

03 III 2004
 After a long break we're back with new update - second part of video bootleg Dr.Music - Victory and Survival Of The Fittest.

31 I 2004
 4-th track from Lisbona bootleg.

28 I 2004
 First part of new audio bottleg - Voz Do Operário, Lisbona '03.
 Some new links.

02 I 2004
Live video Control from Dr. Music Festival '97 in Downloads.

01 I 2004
Biohazard's AIM icons in Downloads section.

21 XII 2003
Liryc to Ace Of Spades

16 XII 2003
Downloads section is up again so head over there and download How It Is video and some rare Bio mp3's.

10 XII 2003
Sorry, there are no updates in download section coz we don't have enough space on server, so if ya could hook us up with some server space contact us.
Check out link to site about Billy Graziadei in links section.

18 IX 2003
Video Crackdown - Never (feat. Evan Seinfeld of Biohazard) and fixed links to the mp3s (last part of the bootleg) in downloads section.

19 VIII 2003
Live video Wrong Side Of The Tracks from Rock Am Ring '99 and the last part of bootleg - Live at the Paradise Garage in Downloads section.

29 VII 2003
 Video Five Blocks To The Subway and fifth part of bootleg - Live at the Paradise Garage in Downloads section.

24 VII 2003
 Tracklist of new bootleg - Live In Poland - Cracow'95 and some other updates in Discography.
  68 shots from How It Is video in Gallery and liryc to A.T.F. song.

23 VII 2003
 Review and a bunch of photos from Biohazard show in Potsdam/Germany 16.VII.2003. Moreover in section Discography/Albums ya can find tracklist and scans of Biohazard Demos from 1988.

12 VII 2003
  In Downloads section song "Let It Go" of band Backfire in which ya can hear Billy on vocals.

07 VII 2003
  Tracklists of new bootlegs in section Discograpy/Bootlegs (Live a Starsbourg and Paradise Garage Portugal) and we also added covers of Inside Out and Urban Chaos bootlegs. Moreover in section Discography/Others Ya will find cover and tracklist of Resistance Tour 2002 CD and Biohazard - Rarities.

02 VII 2003
 Video Black and White and Red All Over from show - Dortmund Monster Rocknight and fourth part of bootleg - Live at the Paradise Garage in Downloads section.

28 VI 2003
 New tour dates.

03 VI 2003
 Corrected and better version of Shades Of Grey Video in Downloads.

02 VI 2003
 Video Shades of Grey and third part of bootleg - Live at the Paradise Garage.

08 V 2003
 Video Hold My Own from Resistance Tour 2002 Brussels and second part of bootleg - Live at the Paradise Garage.

20 IV 2003
 Interview with Evan from, April 14, 2003.

08 IV 2003
 Video Shades Of Grey from Resistance Tour 2002 Brussels and first part of bootleg - Live at the Paradise Garage. Moreover interview with Evan form and some changes in TOUR DATES.

29 III 2003
 Interview with Billy, March 17th 2003 By Scott Alisoglu.

19 III 2003
 Video live Sellout - Tatoo The Planet - Paris, the last part of Unified Civilization bootleg and other MP3s.

21 II 2003
 Live video - Punishment from Resistance Tour 2002 in Brussels and second part of Unified Civilization bootleg in Downloads.

20 II 2003
 Review, lyrics and scans of CD and cover of the new album Kill Or Be Killed. Moreover new sites added to Links, among others brand new Biohazard site. Also ya can hear new album online.

19 II 2003
 More US and Canadian dates in Tour Dates section and band DO OR DIE supporting on european tour.

12 II 2003
 Tickets from Bio shows in Poland 1994 and 1995 in section Gallery/others.

06 II 2003
 Biohazard with Bad Religion Live video in Downloads

27 I 2003
 NEW ALBUM "KILL OR BE KILLED" OUT NOW IN EUROPE!!! Soon everything about this album on our site.

26 I 03
 Full video bootleg - Levis Monster Rocknight and first part of Unified Civilization bootleg in Downloads

02 I 03
 Love Denied - live video and third part of
Fast Fuse Burning bootleg in Downloads.

16 XII 02
 Judgment Night (remix) video and second part of
Fast Fuse Burning bootleg in Downloads.

08 XII 02
 The first studio song "World On Fire" from forthcoming album you can download in News section.

29 IX 02
 Bootleg Fast Fuse Burning - part 1 in Downloads

25 IX 02
 38 new photos from Warsaw '95 in Gallery

17 IX 02
 Hold My Own Live Video in Downloads

07 X 02
 Lirycs to Life On My Own and Power.